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Frequently Asked Questions

What should I do to prepare for the Workshops and Auditions?

First, PRACTICE!! A lot. What do you practice? Well, first you should download the appropriate exercises for your desired section and learn them at many tempos. Make sure you are also well versed in numerous grids and sprees. Second, become aware of your financial obligations straight away. There is a $25 fee for each Workshop you attend and a one time $75 Audition fee. Finally, take time to layout a physical fitness regimen that works for you and your schedule. To be a cast member of the OCI cast you will need to be of sound mind and body.

How much does it cost to be in OCI?

While payment structures vary from year to year, we do our very best to keep costs as limited as possible. The Member Fee for the 2019 season will be $1,600. Members will also be responsible for additional expenses such as airfare to Dayton, OH for World Championships as well as a one time shoe fee which is usually around $50. The cost of running an ensemble such as this increases each season as fuel costs, rehearsal facilities, costumes, and equipment maintenance constantly go up. Thankfully, our dedicated staff very graciously volunteer their time and wisdom to help keep costs down for our cast. We will provide numerous fundraising opportunities for the members throughout the season to help offset costs.

How often does the group rehearse?

We will rehearse nearly every Sunday in September and October, every Saturday and Sunday in November and December, and Friday-Sunday beginning in January-April. We will also hold our annual Winter Camp during winter break. Winter Camp is mandatory as this is when we learn staging and choreography for our 2019 production. If you have conflicts with any OCI event (rehearsal or show) at any point in the season, you must contact Josh Madrid before the conflicted date.

Can I still be in a High School ensemble and be a member of OCI?

A Winter Guard International Policy created in 1996 reads:
WGI discourages independent units from utilizing membership composed of any high school students who were previously enrolled in an active indoor percussion high school program and have not yet graduated.
OCI will not recruit any High School member away from their active percussion program. We believe that a strong scholastic community only strengthens us all. If your High School does not offer a percussion program then you can absolutely audition for OCI. If your High School DOES offer a percussion program, you must first meet with the Admin Team at OCI to discuss your potential involvement in our program.

Can I still teach a High School program while performing with OCI?

We absolutely love it when our cast members take time outside of their vigorous OCI schedule to help strengthen the community through education. We will never tell our members that they can not help spread their love, passion, and knowledge of our activity and the craft of percussion to the next generation of students. That said, we strongly believe that members should be members first, teachers second. At no time will a cast member of OCI be excused from an OCI event to tech their high school program. This includes show days. All OCI events are MANDATORY and it is expected that once a member accepts a position in our cast we are their first priority. If you have conflicts with a school performance that you will receive a grade on, or if there is a family emergency, we will certainly work with you. One of the biggest educational components our students should learn while with OCI is the ability to manage their time in order to fulfil all of their obligations. Whether this be work, school, family, or social events, all roads lead to OCI while a member of our cast.