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Join us in 2018 for our 10th anniversary Season! Auditions are just around the corner - our Audition Clinics are Oct 1st, Oct. 15th and Oct. 29th from 9am-7pm at Evergreen Middle School in Hillsboro, OR. MAP

All skill levels are welcome and encouraged. Cost: $25 per session or $75 if you are auditioning. All three days required for auditionees. All fees are non-refundable. If you are accepted into the 2018 cast, the $75 is applied to your member dues.

*NEW FOR 2018: we are accepting auditions for ANY INSTRUMENT. Prepare a solo that displays your skills, and register for any one of the 3 days. WGI rules have now allowed for any instrumentation in the percussion classifications.

Click Here to Register for the Audition Clinics. In the meantime, please join the OCI 2018 Interest Group, download and master our exercise packets below.

Scroll down to our FAQ section for answers to commonly asked questions about OCI Membership.


Music Packets

Download our current exercise packet to prepare for our upcoming auditions.

Sponsorship Letter

Begin fundraising your member dues early. Download the OCI Sponsorship Letter.


Q: How do I become a member?

A: OC Indoor is an audition only Percussion Independent World Class ensemble. There are three required auditions: Oct 1st, Oct. 15th and Oct. 29th. The audition fee is $75 and covers all three days. If you wish to participate just to learn and gain experience, the cost is $25 per day. Attendance is required at ALL the auditions for veterans wishing to return to the ensemble. The audition fee is required whether you are new or returning, and will be applied towards your fees if you are accepted. For more information and to ask questions, please join the OCI 2018 Interest Group on Facebook. The audition fee for alternative performers (winds, strings, vocals, etc.) is $25 and you are only required to come to one audition day. On that day you will perform your prepared piece in an individual audition setting.

Q: Will my high school program interfere with OCI?

A: OCI is comprised almost entirely of high school graduates. We only accept the most responsible, mature, and motivated high school students that can meet a very strict set of criteria. YOU MUST PARTICIPATE IN YOUR HIGH SCHOOL ENSEMBLE in order to participate in OCI. It is not easy to be a member of both OCI and your high shool winter program. You have to be able to manage your schedule, your practice habits, your finances, and your grades. You have to keep an open line of communication with your directors to make sure that conflicts between the two groups are minimal to nonexistent. OCI is not meant to be a substitute for the experience and training that can only be gained through Music and Dance Education in your school.

Q: How often are practices?

A: Our schedule can be found HERE. Once auditions are complete, we are basically rehearsing Fri-Sat-Sun. for the rest of the season. We also have a 5 day Winter Holiday Camp. ALL rehearsals are mandatory. Vacations are not excused, and acceptance in the group will be contingent on your ability to attend all rehearsals. It will be EXTREMELY difficult for High School students to adhere to this schedule. We will handle HS member participation on a case to case basis.

Q: Will this interfere with Drum Corps?

A: As a group that is under the umbrella of the Oregon Crusaders Organization, OCI's schedule will work if you plan on participating in the Oregon Crusaders Drum and Corps. If you plan on participating in another Drum Corps, you must speak to the Director of both OCI and the Corps in question.

Q: How will I know what the schedule is?

A: All OCI dates for rehearsals and shows will be posted on the SCHEDULE tab of this website. Please check it often. We use Google Calendar, which you can sync to your computer and mobile device in order to receive notifications and reminders.

Q: How do I stay in touch with the group and know what's happening inbetween rehearsals?

A: All members are required to have a FACEBOOK account so that we can add you to the OCI group and keep you updated on the day to day operations and logistics of OCI. We will also provide all members with a master e-mail and phone list. You are expected to stay in touch with your section members and technicians on a regular basis. Communication is a key to our success.

Q: Where and when do we compete?

A: We compete at all local shows for the NWAPA circuit, the Portland WGI Regional, the West Percussion Championships in San Bernardino, California, and the WGI Championships in Dayton, Ohio. Local shows are typically every weekend beginning mid February until the first weekend of April. WGI Championships is 6 days, April 18-23.

Q: How much are fees?

A: The Audition fee is $75. This non-refundable $75 fee will be applied to the member dues if you are accepted into the ensemble. Again, if you are coming to one or both of the audition/clinic days just to learn, the fee is $25 per day. The audition fee for alternative performers is $25.

Dues are $1550 for the season ($525 for visual ensemble), broken down as follows:

Fees Schedule

  • Oct.1: $75 audition fee
  • Nov. 10th: $150
  • Dec. 2nd: $150
  • Dec. 27th: $250
  • Jan. 26th: $250
  • Feb. 23rd: $250
  • March 16th: $250
  • April 13th: $175
  • Visual Ensemble:
  • Oct.1: $75 audition fee
  • Nov. 10th: $100
  • Dec. 2nd: $100
  • Dec. 27th: $100
  • Jan. 26th: $100
  • Feb. 23th: $50

These dues cover the cost of show design, instruction, rehearsal facilities, show fees, uniforms, instruments, sticks and mallets, floor, props, and your housing at WGI Championships. If you are accepted into OCI, you are required to purchase your own flight to California and WGI Championships (see below).

Q: How do we get to Dayton?

A: You will be responsible for purchasing your own flight to and from the California Regional and WGI Championships. Once accepted into the ensemble, you will need to make purchasing your plane tickets your first priority. The price of your dues DOES include hotel accommodations in California and Dayton. We encourage groups of members to purchase tickets together. Those members that are under 18 will need to fly with an adult. Your flight to San Bernardino (Ontario airport) needs to arrive Friday afternoon March 23rd and return Monday March 26th. Your flight to Dayton needs to arrive on April 17th and Depart on April 22nd or later.

Q: Does OCI provide meals?

A: Members are responsible for meals at all OCI functions. We will be able to provide group meals on occasion, but the cost of feeding 50+ members and staff at each rehearsal and show would make the fees for OCI prohibitive.

Q: Do you offer fundraisers?

A: We offer a couple different fundraisers during the season which help drive down fees. Please do not rely totally on these due to the uncertain nature of fundraising. The most successful fundraiser has always been the SPONSORSHIP LETTER. Send it early and often. People love to receive letters in the mail and will take the time to help you out.

Q: Will OCI interfere with extracurricular activities?

A: Yes. If you choose to participate in OCI and are accepted, you are joining a World Class Finalist Ensemble of the highest caliber. You will not be able to participate in other activities that assemble regularly on Fridays, Saturdays, or Sundays from Nov. 10th to April 22nd.

Q: Can my parents help out with the ensemble?

A: We encourage all members to get their parents involved with OCI. Parents help us with meals, driving equipment trucks, building props and painting, instrument repair, fundraisers, and anything we might need help with during the course of a season. Parent support is an integral part of any marching organization. Please have your parents join our Facebook Parents and Volunteers group.

Q: How can I get a ride to practice?

A: We have members coming from all over Oregon and the surrounding states. Getting a ride once you make the ensemble is usually not a problem. In the event that you make the ensemble and no one is coming from your area you are still responsible for getting to and from practice.

Q: What is the ensemble size?

A: Typically, OCI consists of 8 snares, 4-5 Quads, 5 bass, 5-8 cymbals, 5-8 Visual Ensemble, and 14-17 front ensemble. This year we will be accepting alternative instrumentation by audition only, as per WGI rules changes.

Q: What grips does the ensemble use?

A: The snare line plays traditional grip. The keyboards use Stevens grip. if you are not familiar with these techniques they will be explained at the workshops and auditions.

Q: What should I prepare for auditions?

A: Everything you are required to know for auditions can be downloaded from the links above. The members that can get through the most of this material with a high level of quality will have the best chance of becoming a member. Alternative performers will need to demonstrate a high level of proficiency on their chosen instrument. Visual Ensemble members will be evaluated based upon movement, choreography, performance quality, and some basic dance skills.

Q: What is the show theme for 2018?

A: The 2018 show title will be announced shortly.

Q: Do you tilt the snare drums?

A: No.